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We are experets on the Nordic biotech markets!  specialising in diagnostics, cellculture, Bioprocess and pharma development. We offer complete services from development to marketing and sales. A quick and cost effective start in the Nordics for YOUR organisation and products 


Market development

Implementing strategies  and organisations that enable successful introduction of high quality products & services to the Nordic BIoTech, Pharma and Life Science markets

Product development

from initial designs to full-scale BioProduction


Adapting products and services  to comply with regulatory requirements

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Who we are

Noricon is since 1998 actively driving the Nordic market introduction for high tech products within Healthcare, Diagnostic, Therapy, LifeScience Research and Pharma

We have succesfully established direct presence for several over-seas manufacturers

Set up complete local organisations with logistics sales and support, making our pricipals the leading vendors in their segment.

We are well connected within all the Nordic countries and our expertise includes

Cellculturing, from basic cultures to stem-cell therapies

Genomics,  NGS as well as PCR/qPCR

BioProduction, Vaccines for human and vet.

HTS, screening compounds and cells in all formats

Market Development, Identifying new local and international oportunities

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